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We are a truly unique partnership between academia and survivors of the sex trade. Survivors are not merely “researched” — they are actively learning and becoming the researchers.

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We hold a large contact database of individuals with lived experience in the sex trade – not just survivors, but those still being victimized by pimps and traffickers. This sets our research capabilities completely apart from any other existing researchers. We have gathered one of the largest qualitative data sets on domestic pimp-controlled sex trafficking in US history at this time.

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We offer a wide variety of consulting services, including but not limited to: (1) training both law enforcement officers and researchers on how to do trauma-informed interviewing, (2) training law enforcement on effective Demand Reduction operations; (3) conceptualizing data collection strategies for assessing the prevalence of the commercial sex trade; and (4) assisting law enforcement in direct victim services for non-native victims of the commercial sex trade in the U.S.

Avery Research & Consulting Training


Angie is a published author and researcher already, Megan is a budding researcher-in-the-making and a national speaker. We’re available to train small groups, corporate teams, and government organizations. Please submit an inquiry using the form on this page if you’d like to arrange a training.

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We exist to source, study, and provide survivor-centered data to shape policy, advocacy, services and culture to empower women and marginalized people across the US and beyond.

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Avery Research & Consulting Founders: Angie Henderson Ph.D. and Megan Lundstrom



Angie is an author, researcher, and professor of sociology with over 15 years of experience teaching and researching.  Angie received her Ph.D. in sociology from Purdue University in 2007, and her B.A. is from the University of Sioux Falls.


Megan is the founder of Free Our Girls and the co-founder of Avery Research & Consulting. She holds a B.S. in Finance and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Applied Sociology.

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